25 Mar 2010 08:08 am

In class, we talked about the project proposals (which have now been graded and returned). We then broke up into groups of two to identify concrete next steps for each project.

Students have to Friday, April 2 to revise and resubmit them.

A few comments about the proposals:

The project proposals you submitted are a good start.  I’ve graded them fairly hard because I know that you are all capable of A-level work, and I want to you to strive for that level of work.   But don’t be discouraged:  the grade I give you today is a provisional one.  You have the opportunity to resubmit your proposals up to Friday, April 2.  I am willing to reread your proposals and work with you to improve them.

A general observation:

In general, I want to see more details in your proposals.  For example,I want very specific details about data sources:  what data source exactly?  (What URL?)    Pointing me to the top level page of a domain is not, in general, sufficient.

I want you to describe clearly what user interface you imagine building and what functionality you plan to include.

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