08 Mar 2010 12:20 pm

Today is a “lab day,” time for everyone to work on the exercises already assigned and also their own projects.  Remember that your project proposals are due on Wednesday, March 10 at 11pm.  I’ve given you feedback to your drafts and would like to see you address the questions and comments I have put forth so far.

I will continue to introduce new tools/techniques but will emphasize those that are largely informed by the needs of projects. That’s why I want people to think about their projects and specifically what they need to know and work with me to develop a curriculum for the rest of the semester.

Chapter 13 is a key chapter for this class since may of us are working on geo-data.  I will assign the chapter on Wednesday and start covering it in class that day.  I won’t assign the reading today to give you more time to focus on the project proposals.

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