24 Feb 2010 12:34 pm


  • Let’s keep pushing on projects. Have you added to the data shopping list the data you are looking for? Go to the document, sign in and request access.
  • I will walk you through looking at some government datasets, particularly ARRA.  See slides for today.
  • I’m glad to see some people have posted their proposals.  Let me suggest a category Project Proposals — so you can look them up in one place.
  • Let’s keep in mind what we’ve learned about the Google Maps API so far. (now that we know that if we can generate KML and/or GeoRSS we can make our own Google map on our own server.)
  • Focus of today’s talk:  understanding ARRA data by turning it into a sqlite database

Having access to data in the forms of APIs will likely to make your life much easier.  (Let’s discuss why, and the pros and cons of working directly with data vs working with data via an API.)


  • I want you to post an up-to-date report on where your project progress proposal stands.   Please answer the question of what you are working on right now and what you are planning to work on this coming week.

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