22 Feb 2010 10:40 am


  • Work through Chapter 8
  • Work through slides
  • Work on the exercises in Chapter 8 and the slides.

Chap 8 notes

Let’s walk through Chapter 8 and note what has changed since I wrote that chapter:

Turning off JavaScript — in Win32/Firefox:

In Firefox, uncheck Tools → Options → Content → Enable JavaScript.

In  Firefox on OS X:

Firefox → Preferences → Content → Enable JavaScript

DOM Inspector:

Firefox 2 and earlier: The DOMi is included in builds since November 2003, as an option in the Windows installer. You must choose the “Custom” installation and select “DOM Inspector” in the “Choose Optional Components” window (see Installing Firefox on Windows for details). In at least some versions of Linux—Ubuntu for one—the DOMi is a separate package.

Starting in Firefox 3: The DOM Inspector is no longer included with Firefox but it is available as an extension

Google Maps API + Flickr Mashup (using KML/GeoRSS)

See slides.


  1. Please post your project ideas while incorporating your responses to feedback you are getting in class. Please create a post. Ideally, I’d like you to create a page, but I’ve not figured that out yet.  Due:  Tuesday at 11;pm
  2. Char Booth is graciously coming to class on Wednesday to talk to us about data sources.  Let’s compile a shopping list today  Go to the document, sign in and request access.
  3. Work through the exercises in the slides.

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