17 Feb 2010 11:06 am

Three priorities today:

  • discuss  project ideas
  • using ARRA as a way of talking about projects
  • taking next steps on the technology:  Chap 8 on Monday


ClearMaps looks very promising for our work:

an ActionScript framework for interactive cartographic visualization. In addition to giving designers and developers more control over presentation the project aims to address some of the common technical challenges faced when building interactive, data driven maps for the web. ClearMaps is designed as a lightweight, flexible set of tools for building complex data visualizations. It is a framework not a plug-and-play component (though it could be a starting point for those wishing to make reusable tools).

I mentioned the Google Visualization API (aka Google Chart Tools) today.

Take a look at the slides and video for Mano Marks’ talk “Working with Geospatial Data Using Open Source Tools”


A talk on ARRA:  See http://bit.ly/opengovfbase.

The scope of the project I’d like to accomplish exceeds what is likely possible by May 8. A key question is to how to iteratively build this out? and how to iteratively put more details for the project?

See Possible ARRA project ideas from my Pgh Hackathon notes and Notes from freebase talk and Data-gov wiki visualization of ARRA data.

Org chart for the federal government

What is the current status of the project to produce open ontologies for e-government (http://www.oegov.org/)?

Project Ideas

Reflect on project ideas put forward and see how we can build off each other’s work? I should give feedback on the projects.


  1. After 6pm tonight, you should be able to login and post your project ideas.  I’d like you to do so after you’ve taken in consideration the feedback I’ve provided you.
  2. Read Chapter 8 for next Monday because Google Maps API is fun and useful and we’ll get a chance to dabble in JavaScript.  While you are working on your project ideas, I recommend also reading Chapter 9.

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