17 Oct 2008 02:06 am

I’ve graded your project proposal — Some of your projects are incomplete — so let’s work together to create detailed plans.

Rubric I used to grade (total: 20)

problem definition  (5)

  • What problem is your project aimed at solving? Alternatively, why would someone want to use what you are making in your project?

project solution (10)

  • What interface are you imagining? Is it a web, desktop, or mobile application? What platform are you running? Often a rough sketch of the interface can help clarify a lot of issues
  • What data or services are planning to bring together? Be specific.
  • What’s your plan for getting the data. Often the data you might want might not be easily available.
  • Do the APIs you plan to use actually support the functionality that you need in your application? Show how it does so.
  • What programming language do you plan to use?

Action plan (5)

  • Is your project doable given the constraints of time, our starting knowledge, etc?
  • Break down the project into steps. You can end up changing the steps later, but I want to make sure you have a clear conception on what the steps are.
  • Highlight what you are currently working on.
  • Identify areas of “high risk,” areas that you are uncertain about and/or things that might undermine the entire project. Write about how you are planning to deal with these potential problem areas.
  • Who is doing what?

format/style  (subtract and add points if proposal is particularly good or lackiong)

Some common themes

  • a better definition of the problem you are trying to solve and why

Common techniques for us to work on.

  • We need to develop learning plans together.

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