17 Oct 2008 02:06 am

Agenda for Today

  1. Welcome to our visitors (12:40pm:  10 minutes):  Finnish graduate students, here in the Bay Area  as part of a one-week field trip for a graduate course “Bit Bang: Rays to the Future”, organized and led by Professor Yrjö Neuvo—Nokia´s former Chief Technology Officer (CTO).  The objective of this year-long course is to study the broad long-term impact of information and communications technologies on lifestyles, society and business. The students come from Helsinki University of Technology, Helsinki School of Economics (HSE) and University of Art and Design Helsinki (UIAH) and have various backgrounds including engineering, arts and design, social sciences, and information technology.
  2. Some background on the project (12:50pm: 10 minutes)
  3. Lightning presentations of project ideas from InfoRemix2009 students (1:00pm: 10 min)
  4. Small group thinking about project proposal (1:10pm — 15min)
  5. Large group presentations of projects (1:25pm: 30 min) — 3 minutes each
  6. Conclusions (1:55pm — 5 min)


In today’s class, we will  be discussing their project
proposal.   (See  http://blog.mixingandremixing.info/2009/02/20/day-8-notes-and-day-9-mon-feb-23-preparations/).

The project proposals students need to submit are outlined here:


Here’s a note I sent to my students to help them model their proposal


Project proposals dues on Wednesday, Feb 25 at 11pm.

Readings for Next Class (Day 10):  Chapter 8 on Ajax and JavaScript Widgets.

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