17 Oct 2008 02:06 am

Background Reading

Chapter 6. Learning Web Services APIs Through Flickr. This is a long, core chapter that I expect will take students a while to fully absorb


Mailing List

Please subscribe to the infomix mailing list by either 1) using https://www.ischool.berkeley.edu/intranet/tools/mypreferences/mailinglists or 2) sending email to majordomo@ischool.berkeley.edu with a blank subject and with a message subscribe infomix

Once everyone is set up, we can send email to the list by mailing infomix@ISchool.Berkeley.EDU


1) Please send me the answers to the following questions: Formulate a REST query that gives the following. Also note where the answer can be found in the Flickr UI, if it is there.

  • NSID of Raymond Yee
  • URL for Raymond Yee’s photos, using NSID (using the fact that the photos are at http://www.flickr.com/photos/raymondyee/)
  • the number of public photos that Raymond Yee has
  • the NSID of the ” Mixing and Remixing Information 2009″ group (http://flickr.com/groups/inforemix09 /) and the corresponding URL for the group using the NSID

2) Get flickrsearch.php set up on ischool.berkeley.edu or on your own publicly available website and send me the URL for that script.

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