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  1. At the beginning of the class today, take some time out to write out what question you are focused on solving today in class. Class is a good time to get some help with specific technical problems, for instance. We will go around the room to share with the class what you are working in accomplishing in class today. Example: I am writing a proposal to the NEH on how to create a prototype for a system for integrating Flickr into classroom instruction for an art historian — a system called Bridgr. If I were working on this project as a student, one problem I’d be focused on is producing a table of desired functionality and determining whether the Flickr API supports such functionality. If I had some time, I’d survey fellow students in class about my ideas and see whether what I list as desired functionality is as desired as I think!
  2. At the end of the class, I want you to write me a status report (of at least one paragraph) on where you are with writing your project proposal. What progress did you make on the problem you set out to solve at the beginning of the class? What are your next steps?
  3. Extra:  feel free to include a preliminary project proposal.  If you send it to me by Friday noon, I’ll give you feedback before Wednesday.

Send me your answers to #1 and #2 by Friday, Feb 15 at noon.

Project Proposals

Due Wednesday, Feb 20 at 11pm. See http://blog.mixingandremixing.info/s08/project-proposal-format/ for what I’m looking for.

Upcoming Classes

  • Molly Van Houweling will speak to us about copyright and other intellectual property rights issues on (Day 09) Monday, Feb 25, 2008
  • You will be presenting your project proposals to the rest of the class on Day 10 Wed 2008-02-27 — count on about 3 minutes each — so you’ll need to be informative and concise.


  1. If you can attend Mashup University and Mashup Camp (March 17-20, 2008), I would highly recommend doing so. You’ll get to see how the mashup scene is shaking out in Silicon Valley. Let me know whether you plan to attend. Go to http://www.mashupcamp.com/mc6regform.html to sign up — and pick “Berkeley/Yee Student” as the Primary Attendee Type. I will need to provide alternative activities for those who won’t be attending.
  2. Please feel free to call me Raymond.
  3. If you are interested in getting a reader version or a book version of my book, please let me know. I estimate the cost of the book to be about $30.

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