31 Jan 2008 03:06 am

In class exercises

  1. Create a single Google Map out of two feeds: 1) the feed of the SF Gate Food and Dining section and 2) Yelp! reviews close to Berkeley. (Hint: use Yahoo! Pipes and location extractor).
  2. Blog a photo from Flickr to your weblog (see http://flickr.com/groups/mixingandremixinginfo08/discuss/72157603864275739/)
  3. Write a paragraph on how feeds might be able to help you accomplish one of your project ideas. Bonus:  Create a prototype of project idea with Yahoo! Pipes
  4. Bonus: Create a feed of the current courses:  http://www.ischool.berkeley.edu/programs/courses by using the Fetch Page Module.

Email me your answers by Saturday, Feb 9 at noon.
Readings for Today

Readings for Monday

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