26 Feb 2007 12:15 pm


The goal for this section is to display a Google map where people can set the tag and move the map around — and the map will load up Flickr photos that fall within the map.

There are five major steps:

    1.   Learn about the Yahoo UI library

    2.   Set up YUI on your own host account.

    3.   Figure out how to use the YUI Connection manager to call Flickr

    4.   Combine the YUI results with GMap to display a map

    5.   Have the map respond to changes in the viewport of the map

 Follow pages 9-13 of Chapter 8 (v.1d_2007.02.26) (login required)


Have you submitted a project proposal?  (Is it on

Signed up for the class mailing list? (infomix) It seems that everyone is.

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