12 Feb 2007 10:33 am

Goals for the class:

  1. Learn the very basics of PHP and server-side programming on the iSchool server.

Handout: Chapter 6 pdf, doc — specifically pp. 4-11.
Exercises: see page 11

Goal: to translate previous code example to what you see at http://people.ischool.berkeley.edu/~rdhyee/flickrsearch.php — which has a form that prompts user for a tag and then returns photos in HTML, specifically thumbnails with links back to the photo.


The conceptual foundations behind CGI are very much part of the architecture of PHP. I’d like to add some references on CGI:

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  1. […] Today, in Day 8 of the course, we will devote the entire class to learning to write a PHP script to use the Flickr API. Detailed notes at the Day 8 page. […]

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