04 Feb 2007 04:21 pm

Goals for the class:

  1. Learn the basics of XML web services by studying Flickr.

Exercises:In addition to working on your project proposals, please send me the answers to the following questions:

Formulate a REST query that gives the following.  Also note where the answer can be found in the Flickr UI, if it is there.

             *   NSID of Raymond Yee

             *   URL for Raymond Yee’s photos, using NSID (using the fact that the photos are at  http://www.flickr.com/photos/raymondyee/)

             *   the number of public photos that Raymond Yee has  

             *   the NSID of the ” Mixing and Remixing Information 2007″ group (http://flickr.com/groups/inforemix07/) and the corresponding URL for the group using the NSID          

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