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Day 12 notes are available.

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  1. on 03 Mar 2010 at 1:44 pm emily

    Notes from Ben Shneiderman’s “Information Visualization: Using Vision to Think” lecture:
    ~So Ben founded the HCI Lab at the Univ of Maryland many years ago
    ~Book: Readings in Information Visualization: Using Visions to Think by Card, MacKinlay, and Shneiderman
    ~Visualization supports discovery and communication
    ~ManyEyes: a web service where you upload your data and play with different visualizations
    ~Spotfire: multiple windows for multiple visualizations, only 1 dataset though
    ~Lessons learned from information visualization: 1. Start with the information Overview, 2. Zoom & filter, 3. Details-on-demand
    ~Multi-var: Spotfire, Taleau, GGobi, TableLens, ParCoords
    ~Temporal: Lifelines, TimeSearcher, Palantir, DataMontage
    ~Tree: Cone/Cam/Hyperbolic, SpaceTree, Treemap
    ~Network: Pajek, JUNG, UCINet, SocialAction, NodeXL
    ~also, infosthetics.com, flowingdata.com, infovis.org, http://www.infovis.net/index.php?lang=2
    ~Tree Map example: http://www.smartmoney.com/map-of-the-market able to easily pick out outliers
    ~Network visualization: showed an example of Social Action network analysis and senate voting alliances in 2007
    ~Ben was a big proponent or clarity in network visualization. Overly artistic design obscures the possibility for discovery.

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