Project Proposals and Spring 201023 Feb 2010 10:40 pm

Hi all, I am Julian and this is my project proposal.

What problem is your project aimed at solving? Alternatively, why would someone want to use what you are making in your project?

I am thinking about extracting real-time air quality data from the California Air Resources Board and create an air quality map along with real-time traffic data (meshed with Gmap). Combined with various meteorological data such as wind speed, temperature, and precipitation, one could look at the various impacts traffic has on the air quality.

What interface are you imagining? Is it a web, desktop, or mobile application? What platform are you running? Often a rough sketch of the interface can help clarify a lot of issues

The interface would be google map. Since a lot of computation is involved, I would expect the platform to be strictly desktop and web.

What data or services are planning to bring together? Be specific.

I am planning to bring together the data from California Air Resources Board and the Mobile Millennium Project. The Mobile Millennium project “will design, test and implement a state-of-the-art system to collect traffic data from GPS-equipped mobile phones and estimate traffic conditions in real-time. It is a partnership between government, academia, and industry.” []

What’s your plan for getting the data. Often the data you might want might not be easily available.

I am already in contact with the Professor responsible for this project in my department and we are sorting things out.

Do the APIs you plan to use actually support the functionality that you need in your application? Show how it does so.

Google map will be able to plot the traffic data as color coded paths. This would show the level of congestion on the road. Air quality data could also be easily shown on the map by pinpointing the sampling station and color coding the pin.

What programming language do you plan to use?


Provide an action plan:

Break down the project into steps. You can end up changing the steps later, but I want to make sure you have a clear conception on what the steps are.

1. Obtain traffic data in a workable format.
2. Analyze and devise a scheme to automate extraction of air quality data.
3. Plot the traffic and air quality data on the same map (trial, using a particular set of data).
4. Plot the traffic and air quality data on the same map, using different sets of data.
5. Create a user interface where date and time could be selected for a specific set of data.
6. Animation of changes in traffic and air quality data over time.
7. Integrate the system for future data extraction.

Highlight what you are currently working on.

Currently I am discussing with the Professor on how to getting the traffic data in a workable format. The data is there, it is just difficult to have it in a google-map-friendly format.

Identify areas of “high risk,” areas that you are uncertain about and/or things that might undermine the entire project. Write about how you are planning to deal with these potential problem areas.

One of the high risk areas is that the traffic data might not even be available in a workable format for me to integrate into the map. In that case, I would either have to look for alternate traffic data or use a different approach in showcasing the air quality data, such as comparing the changes in air quality with the changes in Federal and State air quality standards over the years.


Writing a javascript to extract csv data files from the California Air Resources Board and put them into a database.

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