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A few points I want to relay to my class before the semester ends:

  • the importance of learning how to learn.¬† I highly recommend Hunt, Andrew. Pragmatic thinking and learning : refactor your “wetware”. Raleigh: Pragmatic, 2008.
  • there will be more and more APIs every day
  • there will be more and more¬† programming platforms in which to integrate these APIs
  • scraping, alas, will remain a necessary technique
  • I think that a project-driven approach to a powerful way to learn — though it is a trade off of breadth for depth
  • think about how things must work
  • tracking what you do know and what you don’t know
  • articulating exactly where are stuck is a good skill and necessary to the debugging process
  • proposing, refining, and implementing ideas will be things you’ll do a lot of in your careers
  • I’d definitely like to hear what my students thought of the semester — I’d like to stay in touch

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