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Keeping in mind that the project proposals are due on Feb 23. (See http://blog.mixingandremixing.info/s09/project-proposal-format/) and that tomorrow’s class (Feb 11 Day 7 is devoted to an introduction to enterprise mashups with a guest speaker Justo Hidalgo of Denodo Technologies), that next Monday is President’s Day, and that Wednesday Feb 18, we have Bernt Wahl to talk to us about business perspectives around mashups — we won’t have much class time before your project proposals are due.  Consquently, I encourage you to

  • talk to me outside of class.  I’m willing to meet with you during office hours (MW 2-3pm) as well as other times.
  • email me
  • most importantly, I think, engage your fellow classmates and me in the electronic forums we have available to us.

Let me elaborate on that last point.  We have a number of places to communicate available:

I especially commend to you the forums — they provide a place for structured conversations.   To support your project proposal writing, I’ve added an assignment to update me by Feb 16 at 5pm on your progress towards writing a proposal.

Day 6

For those of you who missed the Google Geo-APIs workshop yesterday, take a look at the links to the tutorials provided at the workshop:

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