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Here are some exercise to help one get use to programming on the ischool clusters.


get warmed up on ischool.berkeley.edu

  • login with your ischool account — you all have a ~/public_html directory — e.g., /home/rdhyee/public_html
  • add test.php to your directory

echo “hello — how are you? This year is 2009”;


  • download source code from Apress

in ~/public_html type

mkdir Book
cd Book

curl -o Source.zip http://www.apress.com/resource/bookfile/3901
unzip Source.zip
get the permissions right: chmod -R o+rX Ch* R*

get flickrsearch.php working in Chapter 6


setfacl -m u:apache:r–,o:—,m:rwx flickrsearch.php

e.g., http://people.ischool.berkeley.edu/~rdhyee/Book/Chapter06/flickrsearch.php

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