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If you are an avid NPR listener like I am, you might be interested in tracking NPR stories. I really enjoyed the Fresh Air interview with Elizabeth Warren (the chair of the Congressional Oversight Committee on TARP)  in December: What Does $700 Billion Buy Taxpayers? : NPR.

Question to answer here :  can one keep track of any new entries about Elizabeth Warren on NPR?

One possible approach:  try creating a podcast feed from NPR Podcast Directory.

Another approach: if you want more flexibility, try API Overview : Tech Center : NPR.  Register for a key at NPR: Your Account and Profile. Then head over to the Query Generator and look at the documentation on the query  parameters.

But first, it’s useful to do a query with the UI: NPR: Search Results — which returns good results.

To learn more:  read the coverage of the NPR API at NPR: Search Results.

I will assign the task of creating a feed as an exercise.

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