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The following are unrefined notes from a brainstorming session we held in class today on mashup ideas, and as such are somewhat incoherent!

weekend/evening escape planner:  car + budget + time:  yelp, AAA (extension: move to new city – ask people)
you have particular tastes: what’s in the neighborhood? (yelp is pretty good…)

smart tool for packing – weather conditions. something like this: upl.codeq.info; ikea-type instructions for packing efficiently (NPR)….

if a bus is near you, you can jump on….nextbus.

pandora – where are artists from? using wikipedia….generate map of where artists are from….

a tool to scan myspace to tell you where/when artists are playing…going.com – itunes api? last.fm api

cooking – list of recipes + ingredients and help make shopping lists – a bot to pull together related recipes from different sites… (Yahoo! BOSS)

economic governance indicators – how to come up with indicators – correlations to GDP, etc.  data in many websites; how to consolidate data? visualizations to support understanding of this data

meta-dating site – extract and filter from match.com, eharmony, craigslist., etc….Find me someone who likes jazz on Friday night and sends email out to possible matches.

generic matching:  e.g., iPod parts, books, possible partners – sends out alerts…

maps that stretch based on data for location + open gov’t data….

Indian trains mostly late…combine schedule + SMS of travelers for status update

server-caching and local caching (HTML 5, gears, etc.): journal entries on your mobile phone, syncing…

course scheduler….

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