February 2007

Uncategorized28 Feb 2007 10:49 am

Notes for Day 12.

Uncategorized26 Feb 2007 12:16 pm

Notes for Day 11 (Feb 26, 2007) are here.

Uncategorized12 Feb 2007 10:55 am

Today, in Day 8 of the course, we will devote the entire class to learning to write a PHP script to use the Flickr API. Detailed notes at the Day 8 page.

Uncategorized07 Feb 2007 12:11 pm

Today, in addition to going around the class to check in on the status of our various projects, I’d like to get students started on some PHP programming.  The details are found on the Day 7 page.

One problem I didn’t realize I’d run into is that spaces aren’t preserved in pdfs.  Until I solve that problem, I’ll also provide the Word document sources.